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Playing around with a few new things.

1. Erin Wasson/RVCA bandage skirt with gold studs. I've already worn this a ton, I love that it's a really thick knit instead of your standard jersey. Plus, studs.

2. Spiderweb lace lingerie top. So trashy, so in love. I imagine it's probably supposed to be part of some Morticia Addams costume. Man, what am I going to be for Halloween if I'm using up all these ideas now?

3. Studded ankle boots that I fell for when Karla posted them a few days ago. I haven't ordered anything from Victoria's Secret since..I'm sorority days. Wow. Any DGs out there? Anyway, the boots are the sickness. I'm guessing they will be the new requisite blogger footwear. I remember fainting slightly when I saw (fondled) the Louboutins they're a knockoff of at Neiman Marcus on clearance for $400 or so. Prooobably should have just taken the plunge, however that was back in January and I was less insane then. I'm giving these an A+ too though, good platform/heel ratio going on. I love how low-cut they are too.

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Tank and skirt, Erin Wasson x RVCA. Heels, Colin Stuart at Victoria's Secret.

My swayback isn't really that bad. But it's still pretty bad. I wore this out last night to hang out with some law school students at some random bar. God knows what they thought of me. I told one of them that I work in fashion just to be succinct and he responded, "Figures". I look like I'm going to sneeze in that first picture.

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Black lace top, random lingerie store. Boots, secondhand.

Ok and lastly, this is random, but for some reason I get a lot of questions about my hair, which I've always just found uselessly neither wavy nor straight. I was going to make a separate post about this but then realized I didn't really have that much to say. I get it highlighted obviously, use random drugstore shampoo/conditioner (currently Garnier), let it air-dry until I can't stand it being damp anymore, then spray it with Sunsilk Waves of Envy. Which costs about a cent, and smells kinda nice and oceanic. Sometimes it dries wavier, sometimes not, but that seems to be random more than anything else. I haven't touched a straightening iron in years now, mostly cause I don't care enough to and it's kinda scary to see steam coming off your strands. I hope that answers your questions and sorry it's not more interesting!

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