Crop top

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Shorts and necklace, vintage. Ring, Forever 21.

Egged on by Gala's ridiculously good renderings of the 90s crop top all summer long and, of course, a beautiful Swede, I took some scissors to an old track T to test it out. I like it with a mid to high rise and I threw on the huge necklace to make the whole thing look more purposeful. I took this look out for a spin yesterday with the boyfriend in tow (he doesn't even blink an eye at my outfits now) and actually my fellow Californians seemed unphased too. Hmm. This might have something to do with living ten seconds from the beach though..everyone's pretty much in a state of undress at all times.

Just have to throw in that I think the queen of all midriff barings is hands down Carrie Bradshaw, my personal favorites being this and this.

I've been shooting up a storm for the store, but can't add new items until Friday because I don't want auctions to be ending while I'm in New York. So to all of you bidding please be prompt with your payment so I can get your order shipped sooner!

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