black and blue

ph. Colin
(gifted Obakki shirt, Silence+Noise corset, random tights and shorts)

Sheer buttondowns are a staple in my wardrobe to the point of overcrowding but the foldover collar and sort of denim print on this Obakki piece set it apart. Actually make that a cowlneck as shown on their site but I've never excelled in buttoning things completely..I like the way it sits when undone...and this corset is suddenly extremely useful after sitting untouched for over a year. Weird how that happens.

cafe medina

ph. Colin
(gifted Stolen Girlfriends Club 'honcho' (thanks Marc!!), Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress and Diego bag, vintage arrowhead necklace, Target thigh highs, Jeffrey Campbell x Free People boots, Ray-ban Wayfarers, Forever 21 and Pamela Love rings, Zara motorcycle jacket)

More from outside Cafe Medina after lavender mochas, mini berried-up waffles, and the best open faced salmon sandwich I've ever had...not that that's a food category I indulge in frequently but still. Breakfast will always be my favorite meal.

This dress is almost disgustingly perfect..asymmetrical hem, edges that look like they were hacked up with pinking shears, and the sort of shapeless I can't stay away from. And slightly more street-ready credibility than the actual slipdresses that I seem to think are okay to wear as legitimate dresses. The lavendery gray knit was one of my favorite pieces from this season's Welcome to Nowhere collection. Strange that the two pieces' diagonal lines parallel so cleanly...I promise I didn't plan that.

Lowluv necklace

San Onofre State beach..a drive up from the city (I use this term loosely), embedded in a yawning expanse of Marine territory, and at the bottom of a long winding dirt road (thank God for Jeeps)..but so worth it once you're there.

photo shoot tomorrow with Elle Girl Japan

Two ideas I've been fixated on lately: doubling up on whites (multiple dresser drawers of flimsy variations make this easy) and snug cropped knits (thermal waffle weave is close enough) to add some structure to oversized pieces. Haven't seen anything in stores so I've cut up some of my own. Layered over the tank I designed for RVCA, which will finally be available to purchase soon..also in black of course.

On the agenda this week: photo shoot tomorrow with Elle Girl Japan, a trip to Vancouver with Colin for the launch of Obakki's f/w collection, and the release of my Forever 21 campaign that someone tweeted me a photo of from New York (thank you Jane!) while I was out last night..made for some pretty public hyperventilation. Really really surreal. Look for the campaign here in the US, Japan, and Korea. Thank you to my readers for all the support...never did I think...

welcome to fashion union

Some of the best jackets resemble blankets. This is maybe now the coziest thing I own. I committed to the Southwestern wanderer look with some double denim and goosebumped legs.

broken in shoes magazines and silver fashion handbags online

  1. shoe rotation (clockwise from top left: Jeffrey Campbell, Miu Miu, Jeffrey Campbell x Free People, Chloe, Emma Cook x Topshop, Cynthia Vincent, Topshop, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, BCBG)
  2. summer fireplace
  3. vintage + Pamela Love

yellow mellow fashion

The idea of sweater shorts is sort of hilarious to me...I had a pair when I was little mostly for warmth purposes as far as I can recall but I knew I loved these when I first saw them in New Zealand...anything that can simultaneously channel arctic and bohemian probably needs to be in my closet. They're really that thick and nubby, not that I would expect SGC to skimp on the sturdiness of a cable knit...everyone knows that the guys can slash and tear but their cozier pieces are what really get me. These in particular would keep you warm by the most pitiful of bonfires.

We shot these in San Diego by the tallest stalkiest yellow flowers..couldn't have dreamed them up to be any crazier than they are. There are fields where they literally go on forever...but those are far away at the moment, I just checked into my hotel in Tokyo and am heading to sleep..finallly...

wooster style

Shopping/eating/wilting in the heat in Soho...I saw this leather dress in the window of a store in Venice Beach while making my way to Gjelina a couple weeks ago....was sold on the mannequin enough to order it on the phone the next day. Prada made something like this (as in exactly) a few years ago and I never did get that dress out of my head. Blame it on Carine for making it look good enough to not be able to forget. I love sparse black in the summer.

This scarf has served as everything from security

(Alexander Wang sweater, Forever 21 thermal, Topshop patent leather skinnies, Chloe boots, Oasis bag, Deep in Vogue scarf)

This scarf has served as everything from security blanket to pillow to instant heater on this trip...thank you to Vera for providing me with all of the above.

The cold here isn't as bad as I expected but the quickly changing weather conditions definitely weird me out...a minute after we took these actual umbrella-inverting horizontal rain forced us to take shelter behind a massive pillar before making a break for the nearest cafe. Disconcerting, but at least half of me was waterproof.

How much better would black pigtails make this?

My take on Wednesday Addams. How much better would black pigtails make this? I bought these armwarmers like years ago and I think I love them more every time I wear them...I'm on the hunt for different versions now..

I wore this shopping around Rue Etienne Marcel, I dutifully went to Kiliwatch as so many of you suggested and wound up buying a couple things, so thank you! Afterwards I fell in love with just about the entire current stock at All Saints only to be crushed when they lacked just as much in my size. Side note...the guy's section there = sexy. I dragged Colin to one last stop, KTZ, only to find the same story on a pair of rad sneaker wedges complete with puffy ankles. I don't think that me and shopping in Paris were meant to be. Not complaining though, everything else has been straight out of a fantasy.

Freezing in San Diego

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Freezing in San Diego..this didn't settle very well with me but today is faring better. I wish the dress was a little more visible in

these photos, it has a high waist, flared skirt, and shoulder cutouts that are just too '80s. Love it.

Dress, vintage. Heels, Aldo. Bag, Balenciaga.

tokyo photo diary 3

Some shots from my trip to Japan a couple weeks ago: shooting with Mercury Duo and ViVi, making the most out of my proximity to Topshop and Opening Ceremony, wandering around Shibuya with my mom, breaking in my Obakki zipper bag, testing as many different coffee drinks from 7-11 as possible, jewelry I picked up along Takeshita-Dori, cheesy grins with Osami Yabuta, the wall collage that ViVi made from my blog photos, Shibuya by night, and baggage claim to mark the end.

Going back to Tokyo is always so amazing it almost feels like a relief..every time I come home I feel a little empty for a few days as I transition back. Depressing huh. But I'm working on figuring it out to where I can spend a lot more time in Japan..I'll keep you guys posted!

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