i've been waiting on you for a long time

(Forever 21, La Dama, and vintage necklaces, Donna Karan cashmere cardigan, vintage slipdress and belt, UO tights, Aldo platform sandals, Genevieve Jones fringe clutch)

By one of my favorite cafés, Alta in Newport Beach, after doing some shopping for the eBay store. Aside from having a rustic cabin feel, there's a book borrowing shelf and a place for frequent patrons to leave their mugs...and yeah some of the best coffee ever. We tried to get some photos of the inside but it was way too dark already...there was actually barely enough light to take these afterwards before retreating back south for some gym time, cooking up a massive artichoke, and trying to decide what to make of the British version of The Office. Really not looking forward to daylight savings on Sunday..why can't California go the way of Arizona and Hawaii and refuse to partake?

Thank you to Donna Karan and Genevieve Jones for these beautiful pieces. The cashmere cardigan is easily one of the most luxurious things in my wardrobe and I love its perfect charcoal gray. Worn with some old favorites, my perhaps most comfortable heels ever and this crazy bullet belt. I think autumn has finally made it here.

tshirt and jeans

(Zara leather jacket, vintage Nirvana tshirt, tangled Forever 21 and vintage necklaces, vintage rings and metal mesh bag, BDG jeans, Dolce & Gabbana suede wedges)

For how many people always claim to be searching for the perfect leather jacket, they really are hard to find. Don't these designers know what we want? Actually, Acne does. Anyway, I had stopped even looking forever ago but this one was miraculously both not sold out in my size and perfect. I've been wearing it nonstop with these beautiful Dolce & Gabbana wedges that Colin bought for me. It's hardly normal for him to indulge me with Italian accessories so to say I was shocked is an understatement. Amongst other reasons, he declared he was sick of all my other shoes. How did I end up with this man? Amazing.

Coming off of a strangely warm weekend of favorite restaurants, bike rides, and thrifting. Highlights included waking up extra slowly, walking everywhere instead of driving, messily eating pomegranates and sandwiches cross-legged, buying out all the black XS triangle bras at Express, and giving Bijou and Kumo the cat equivalent of lollipops. Seriously you stick this crazy thing on the floor and they practically die of joy. Something you would only know if you browse Petco as carefully as we do. It's a pretty good store.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Any good Halloween ideas? I have a couple, can't really decide..


(tFS, lagarconne)

crosses/sheer dresses/gold earrings/smudged eyeliner/fuzzy sweaters

+I wore that Moschino belt in the No shoot and fell in love

in a crowd

(Bebe dress, Topshop boots, vintage coin clutch and coat)

The scene at the Stolen Girlfriend's Club afterparty in Auckland with the lovely Anna, Dan, and a whole bunch of amped people...crowded to the point of camera focus issues. Sorry about that. Well, and for posting this a month late. Did a quick change into this dress at Anna's house after the show but stayed with the same everything else. Ankle boots and faux fur match everything in my book.

So yes I went on this inexcusable Bebe rampage last month. It started out innocently enough with a slight desire to check out a pair of shoes but all these strappy chained things made it into the dressing room somehow, which by the way came complete with one of those overly attentive liplined salesgirls and subzero temperatures. The zipper all the way up the back was the clincher but I think I'm set on mall shopping for a good while. Go Colin for both picking out this particular dress for me and catching me eating in a parking lot..someone commented that this coat reminded them of Kid Rock. Going to go ahead and take that as a compliment since the guy's an American legend and I used to have some kind of disgusting crush on him. And yes I do read all the comments! Always have.


mixed metals

(vintage tshirt, Givenchy necklace, Prada clutch, Marmèn ring, AE tights, Alexander Wang blazer, Luis Morais cross bracelet, All Saints scarf, La Perla bra, Chloé platform wedges, Alexander Wang oil slick cardigan, Donna Karan bag, KTZ for Topshop dress, vintage Chanel belt, Jil Sander earrings, Abraxas Rex ring, Andrea Pfister suede boots)

Thank you so much for all the questions, they're perfect for our project! Sorry for being all mysterious but I promise it's worth it.

space case

(secondhand oversized sweater, D*luxe dreamcatcher necklace, Deadly Ponies Precious bone bud bracelet, vintage shorts, Topshop boots)

I've always wanted a chair like this. Except mine would be strung from the ceiling. And lucite. I remember reading that Kelly Osbourne collected them or something, which made me very jealous.

Colin and I are working on a..hmm...extracurricular blog project and we need a bunch of questions from you guys to work into it. The answers won't be posted on here but they will be answered in a way that you will see them of course. Ask away!

PS I'll take the first ten tweeted to me.

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