slip your shoes on and then out you crawl into a day that couldn't give you more

  1. chai tea + beet and coconut soup
  2. current favorite shirt
  3. outside one of my favorite cafes
  4. fade into Friday night
  5. Claude Maus dress..I'm really wearing this into the ground..
  6. Rodarte for Target kimono dress, I love the idea of this thing even though people seem to literally think it's a robe..worn with Miu Miu clogs
  7. pink lights outside a creepy Chinese restaurant I will never enter
  8. Tuesday's beachscape
  9. spiky headband I made this week + outsized Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers for giants and people that lose things

cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark

(Scout tshirt dress, vintage suede fringe..thing, Topshop boots, Balenciaga bag)

Some thrift store finds are a little more grossly perfect than others..this loincloth/belt (see it more clearly here) is starred up, studded up, and double belted up. And it cinches in tightly at the high waist where nothing ever fits me. Quadruple win. One of my friends is convinced it's a cropped single thigh chap (questionable singularization acknowledged) for the burlier cowboy. But the minimal sense this makes fades the more you try to conceptualize it logically. So loincloth it is. Then again this is the same man that asked me today what kind of berry gatherer I would be..."Would you pluck them individually? Or bunched? Why did I ask, you would pick each single morsel and place it in your satchel. You should do a shoot with cavemen." Prompted by me telling him how much of a relief it is to be free of corrective lenses so that were I to be suddenly time warped to the Neolithic I wouldn't be the weak myopic one in the tribe. Since you were wondering. And I know you weren't. Worn with tshirt dress I never knew what to do with before, second day hair, my most beaten up bag, and a magical double shadow in a crazy crosswalk the earth is determined to split open.

By the way some of you have noticed I've been posting some odd photos here and there was the closest thing to a New Year's Resolution that I had to start taking more pictures...I used to screw around with photography and sort of stopped for no reason at all. It's felt kind of good to play around with it again. But of course Colin's photos will continue to reign..we tend to have very different takes on the same situation and his will to experiment with photography as far as his mind will take him has never ceased to amaze me.


double double

Phillip Lim at La Garconne

This thing is making me crazy with desire. But for once I went bulk shopping this past weekend and blew my beautiful double wrap belt budget. Still nice to look at. And picture wearing with everything in my closet.

alexander wang donna bag giveaway

My friends at Forward Forward (check them out for a really good selection of Acne, Rag and Bone, Bliss Lau, Iosseliani, Pamela Love...and many more of my favorites) sent me the completely rad Alexander Wang Donna bag that I've been eyeing since it came out. It's much bigger in real life than I expected but not to the point of having to grope around for keys and features the softest leather...and I love the lighter color for spring.

The fun part - Forward is allowing one lucky person to win an Alexander Wang Donna Hobo of their own in sand! All you have to do is leave your name and email address under the comments section and let us know your favorite Alexander Wang product Forward carries (check out the selection here).

A winner will be chosen (at random) next week. The giveaway ends Wednesday, Feb 3rd. Good luck!!!


Last week was rain-soaked and amazing. Driving through water logged alleys turned rivers and staring at 20 foot waves at midnight is fun.


(Forever 21 crystal headband and zipper jeans, Grey Ant Status sunglasses, thrifted sweater, American Apparel tshirt, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Givenchy bag)

I have an issue with very low prioritization when it comes to denim..all my shorts are gross cut up things from the thrift store and I can't remember the last time I tried on some high-end jeans. Most of the time when I find myself wanting new jeans I just 'customize' my existing pairs, which rarely ends up right and leaves me with less than I had to begin with. But somehow when I ordered these jeans online a few months ago they slid on perfectly upon arrival. Weird. I wore this out to sushi and magazine stand-ing and then shopping.

Of far more consequence, I bit the bullet and did something that I've always wanted to do last Thursday..I had LASIK done. I can thank my parents for a fast metabolism but in terms of eyesight they pretty much screwed me. I've worn contacts almost exclusively (that constant peripheral sight of the side of glasses frames never worked for me) but never found a brand that didn't give me that feeling of something foreign being in my eyes. I keep a pretty random schedule too and always find myself awake and red-eyed in the wee hours of the morning when my contacts really start dying on me. This gets boring fast. I did my research and went to the San Diego LASIK Institute last month for a consultation with Dr. Pham (to be honest, finally doing this was largely spurred by having run out of contacts again and not wanting to go through the process of getting my prescription updated and buying them again) and after having my eyes checked in a million different ways and dilated to all hell (err really hope that that there wasn't a camera on that no turn on red on the drive back) it turned out I was a really good candidate. Colin was freaked out but I told him I trusted the doctor, that the entire procedure would be as custom-built for my eyes as possible, and that no harm could come from someone who keeps their office so stocked with gummi bears and granola bars. So he took me in for the procedure last Thursday and it ended up being a thousand times less scary than I thought possible and weirdly painless. I spent the rest of the day knocked out on valium and woke up with 20/20 vision the next morning. Seeing my bedroom, alarm clock and all, so clearly in the morning light was feels like a miracle and I'm still in shock that these are my eyes. Now it's just no makeup or exercise for a week (this is probably the worst part of the whole thing) and then my bionic eyes can take all the bodies of water, red-eye flights, and spontaneous stay-overs that come my way.

if you close the door the night could last forever

(Alexander Wang suede motorcycle jacket, Claude Maus dress, Balenciaga sandals/Sam Edelman boots, BCBG burgundy velvet kisslock bag, Lara Vincent headdress)

Sometimes the most awkward situations come from taking photographs in random places..some drunk guy came up to inspect what we were doing and proceeded to offer up his dog as a prop. Declined. But the dog was pretty cute.

This dress is one of my favorite pieces in my closet - the layers of jersey and silk somehow go perfectly with both motorcycle boots and the highest heels. I got it in New Zealand (seriously this is unintentionally becoming a catch phrase here) at Black Box, one of the only boutiques I've ever been in where I've wanted most everything. I've tried to track down places that stock Claude Maus in the US and gotten nowhere. Oh well. And this jacket is rad for having zippered removable sleeves..I wasn't really in the market for a suede vest but it should be fun to play with come Spring.


1. Lara Vincent headdress, vintage bags, belt, and necklace
2. Pamela Love x Zac Posen earrings + red velvet cupcake at Toast

Current favorite accessories. I picked up these earrings last week during a trip to Opening was a close call between them and a pair of exaggeratedly wide legged Chloe Sevigny x OC trousers but those were a bit too big at the waist so morning glory earrings it was. Now I'm only a possibly mismatched faux hair headband, an armor choker, and a swipe of orange-y lipstick away from the complete look. It's good to have impossible dreams, don't you think? And I figured my favorite clutch discovery of all time needed to be shown in a bit more detail..the funniest thing about it is that its pleather composition is offset by the most intricate distinct medallions that have some pretty good weight to them. It came with this horrible little thin strap that I hacked off as soon as something sharp presented itself and actually I'm now reminded that I wanted to replace it with a chain so I could wear it across the body. Mostly because round things are easier to lose than rectangular things.

angelina + kate

Actually I have about twenty favorite ever shots of Kate but this really is my all time favorite of Angelina.

the gossip

(Alexander Wang dress, Balenciaga sanadals)

Went with the hair up in the end.

Last month the W San Diego sent along an invite to stay a night and see the Gossip play..the whole champagne and strawberry treatment..literally. It's always somewhat of a surprise to have anything blog-related happen in San Diego since this city counts fashion pretty low on its list of priorities, which is actually kind of nice sometimes to be honest. But I've been to this location a bunch of times before and it smells really good (seriously, every last air particle in the building is subtly aromatic), provides beach ball shaped pillows in the rooms that are the perfect size and weight to throw at other humans, and has a really good pool. So I grabbed my favorite people and got sort of dressed up for once..ended up having a pretty unforgettable time. Thank you to Grace for everything and sorry we only have photos of the ride there...battery issues..but it seems I got the ridiculous poses out of the way early on anyway. Definitely not the first time that's happened, you'd think we would have learned by now to bring an extra. Beth Ditto was ♥.

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