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(Forever 21 feather earrings, vintage top, Levi's shorts, Givenchy Nightingale bag, Elizabeth and James knuckle ring, Sam Edelman Falken boots)

Running some errands in a top I thrifted last week. It had an entire extra layer that I cut off the bottom to make it..friendlier. Enjoying the weekend relaxing at home before taking off for Tokyo on Tuesday and then the next weekend I'm heading to Sweden for Stockholm Fashion Week. From street style to designers to blogs, Sweden is such an inspiring country and I am really excited to visit. And thank you to all of my Swedish readers, who have been so supportive from the beginning!

no one's better sake

Binki Shapiro and Fabrizio Moretti in Elle July, styled by Ben Sturgill

I spent some time going through magazines today, dividing into keep/scan/toss...didn't see this editorial when I flipped through the issue the first time around. '70s inspired in all the right ways..I'm now obsessed with that Calvin Klein metallic dress. So much so that I immediately went to eBay and bought the best approximation I could. Fingers crossed.

capsule wardrobe

Net-a-porter's styling of the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection perfectly highlights the extreme wearability of the pieces. Especially distracted by the double denim, mustard parka, heather grays, and that beautiful blush silk dress I fell in love with in February.

philadelphia photo diary

July 11-15

Late night sushi, wet streets, layered necklaces, Rick Owens at Joan Shepp, Di Bruno Bros. iced coffee, wandering UO's headquarters, my favorite tshirt, picnics in bed, drinks at the crypt-like Franklin, wispy knits, dinners with the Free People crew, weathered buildings, and airport sunrises and sunsets.

new purchases

Sam Edelman Falken boots/Alexander Wang Angela bag

alright tonight

(Forever 21 top and shorts, Wish vest, Miu Miu clogs, Alexander Wang Diego bag, hat borrowed from Kristin)

The rest of the outfit from a couple posts ago. Taken at my still very bare bones place in mom is promising to come bearing chairs. Which is about as far as I've gotten on the whole thing aside from dreaming of thrifting the perfect lamp (make that several) and coming to a screeching halt while driving by a garage sale to have them tempt me with a giant/awesome mirror (already sold..hey then take it to the crazy back already). Turns out I'm not terribly good at applying myself when it comes to interior design, aside from mockingly pointing things out as "key pieces" while shopping at stores that sort of intimidate me. Promise to post pictures whenever this stops being the case.

Aside from which..this bright blue top that ties in confusing ways makes me happy right now as does pairing black clothes and brown shoes.


(eBay-ed fringe to the store here, Erin Wasson x RCVA knit romper)

I've had this obsession with wearing rompers folded over as shorts this summer...the first time I did this I think I was scrambling to get dressed to answer the door and my AA triblend version was the closest available option. Really comfortable, although this one definitely requires a belt to stay up..learned this the hard way while hiking around Mission Trails Park and ended up improvising after the tenth time they almost fell off entirely by tying the straps in a way I'm pretty sure I couldn't replicate. Yeah next time..belt.

five o'clock light

(Society for Rational Dress dress, Fiorentini & Baker suede boots, Forever 21 dreamcatcher necklace)

A few recent purchases: dress and boots from the Barney's Co-op sale in Philadelphia, feathered necklace from Forever 21, and a fistful of vintage rings from the LA flea market. The boots have snaps that go all the way up but I prefer them floppily folded over. Unfortunately this requires wearing my nerdiest shortest "socks".

I'm in this very specific mood that has me wanting to drive out to the desert..hopefully this weekend.

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