black and blue

ph. Colin
(gifted Obakki shirt, Silence+Noise corset, random tights and shorts)

Sheer buttondowns are a staple in my wardrobe to the point of overcrowding but the foldover collar and sort of denim print on this Obakki piece set it apart. Actually make that a cowlneck as shown on their site but I've never excelled in buttoning things completely..I like the way it sits when undone...and this corset is suddenly extremely useful after sitting untouched for over a year. Weird how that happens.

cafe medina

ph. Colin
(gifted Stolen Girlfriends Club 'honcho' (thanks Marc!!), Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress and Diego bag, vintage arrowhead necklace, Target thigh highs, Jeffrey Campbell x Free People boots, Ray-ban Wayfarers, Forever 21 and Pamela Love rings, Zara motorcycle jacket)

More from outside Cafe Medina after lavender mochas, mini berried-up waffles, and the best open faced salmon sandwich I've ever had...not that that's a food category I indulge in frequently but still. Breakfast will always be my favorite meal.

This dress is almost disgustingly perfect..asymmetrical hem, edges that look like they were hacked up with pinking shears, and the sort of shapeless I can't stay away from. And slightly more street-ready credibility than the actual slipdresses that I seem to think are okay to wear as legitimate dresses. The lavendery gray knit was one of my favorite pieces from this season's Welcome to Nowhere collection. Strange that the two pieces' diagonal lines parallel so cleanly...I promise I didn't plan that.
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