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(Alexander Wang sweater, Sam Edelman boots)

I know I'm not the only one to have fallen madly in love with this sweater, images of it have raided more blogs than can be counted. Something about it's messy slouchy silhouette and strategically placed cutouts just feels kind of..perfect. When I received it last week I was surprised that the sheer pieces aren't mesh but in fact a kind of industrial, plasticky nylon material that's woven throughout the entire sweater. Which is obviously so much better. Love it. And the 80 degree weather that let me wear it bare legged.

But something I'm even more excited about - Colin and I are going to Paris in March for some fashion week fun. I haven't been to France since I was in high school so I can't even begin to imagine all the shopping temptation I'm going to be exposed to. Aaaand all the layering I'm going to have to do..though Garance has reassured me that it shouldn't be too too cold. We secured our apartment rental this morning so it actually feels real now. Time to brush up on that college French.

little black heart

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(Han, Demonia boots)

I know I've posted this image before but this is one of my favorite editorials - Alastair McKimm via i-D featuring Han in a bodysuit, tights as sleeves, massive footwear, and the mother of all bandage dresses. I mean what's not to like here? It seems the line between fashion and fetish blurred into oblivion long ago, and even Forever 21 is catching up with their faux leather shorts that a few readers kindly forwarded to me today..not bad not bad...

The rest of it -

(scans by tFS' j'adore dior)


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(secondhand poncho, Forever 21 bleached jeans, Alexander Wang backpack)

Wearing a backpack with a poncho might seem like a bad idea but it ended up acting as an anchor against the crazy wind that actually ruined most of the photos we took. I hate wind! One reason not to miss Norcal, it's about a thousand times worse up there.

open knit

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I'm horribly attracted to these crochet pieces at Topshop..

First the backless crochet top was revived from high school and this morning I picked up a delightfully tacky dress version while thrifting around. I also have in storage a large-ish collection of crochet bikinis left over from the year I spent in Hawaii, and even the thought of lounging around by the ocean in one of these is starting to appeal to me...perhaps somehow integrated with my chunkiest sweater.

More on the topic of knit one pieces - this girl knit her Rodarte-inspired bodysuit herself...amazing.

king james

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I freaking love Jaime King..especially back when she was James.

Slackers is one of my favorite movies everr.

(luxlund, issuemanagement, contour, corbis, tfs)


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(vintage blazer dress, Target sheer tights, Chloe boots, Alexander Wang backpack, Elizabeth and James ring, Forever 21 metal mesh earrings)

Colin had been wanting to use this freeway overpass for a little while and yesterday after we tried out a new sandwich place it was right in our path. This was one of those outfits that ended up being totally ideal for the when that happens.

Sooo before you think I went bodystocking shopping, let me explain that the sleeves are cutoff tights with a hole cut through the center. Pretty fun to wriggle into.

What I purchased over the course of the day:

  • blueberry Trident
  • a glass salad bowl
  • cream lace leggings
  • a turtleneck bandage dress
  • Evian
  • two Doubleshots
  • Starbucks signature hot chocolate (RECOMMEND) and vanilla rooibos tea

ETA a little more explanation - take a pair of tights (I want to try a crocheted pair next...) and cut out the crotch, this will be the hole that you put your head through. Leave the waistband intact so that the 'shirt' will stay in place, cut the sleeves to the appropriate length, with or without thumb holes..and you're done ;)

Oh and also American Apparel is coming out with a mesh minidress soon...should be good.

picks of the week

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(cropped military jacket, leaf sequin vest, sheer leopard blouse)

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(erin fetherston for target dress, dove gray jumpsuit, 90s floral/denim dress)

buckled up

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(Kain tshirt, Forever21 vest and skirt, Target tights, Aldo boots)

You know you're slumming it when your Forever 21 skirt is from the thrift store. But how could anyone say no to faux fur in bandage format?

..I really need a haircut.


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CdG hologram wallet, YSL cobra ring, Vernissage gold ants ring, D&G messenger bag, Vivienne Westwood ankle boot.

Of course half of this is sold out/unavailable. And I saved that Westwood boot photo like five years ago...if they ever show up on eBay it's over. Can you imagine how good they'd look after a couple hundred wears?

A little Googling on ear cuffs and I found Zannedelion..a few of these might be pretty cool. Perhaps 7607, 1102, or 1303. Though I maintain that there should be more chain mesh and less tiny balls involved.

Sorry for the hiatus, I've been grappling a cold this week so haven't worn anything more exciting than my shoddy Target slippers and long socks. But I've been OD-ing on vitamins and water so hopefully will be intact by Saturday night..

topshop ss09

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Fun pieces on their way to Topshop. I'm especially attracted to:

  • rope overlay thing..I'm picturing it over a white minidress for much textural satisfaction
  • slashed tshirt
  • sequined silver capelet to layer underneath basics
  • faded sweats
  • motorcycle jacket


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(secondhand cropped angora sweater, Kristin's Kill City jeans, Chloe boots)

Kristin and I met up this morning for a quick henna session, and after lying around in the sun for it to dry we were off for some scheduled randomness. Too bad it didn't stain deeper, but it's still fun to look down and keep on being surprised at the ink on my left hand.

Anyway, as it goes, an unbelievably 90s angora sweater, wood grain-ish denim, and a backflip off of a desk in 5" wedges (ok I wish) and a good Sunday was had. More pics to come once I have the patience to resize them.


cuffed up

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(vintage crushed velvet dress, Aldo sandals)

  • A huge thank you to Aldo who sent me a very generous care package, my favorite pair being these absolutely killer studded sandals. Like jewelry for the feet.
  • I've been living in this plaid flannel.
  • Check out my interview at Refinery29..I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet but Colin and I are really excited about the the RVCA fall '09 campaign that he shot me for. Crazy stuff.

ETA: The shoes run true to size and are very comfortable ;)

game girl

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(vintage dress, Korcula necklace, Forever 21 studded cuff, other cuffs vintage and gifts from Kristin, Chloe boots)

I was completely infatuated with this dress last spring but never thought that I would be so lucky as to wear it with these CHLOE BOOTS. Yes I have succumbed to the final remaining shaft height of the FW07 beauties. Ebay is truly a land where dreams come true. Now all I need to do is take a photograph of the three of them mating and set it as my iPhone backdrop for all eternity. Handily, it could also serve as a reminder that I need never shop again.

Maybe it was a good thing that I eased myself into the most extreme version of the shoe..wearing them kind of makes me feel like a bad ass 90s-centric video game character. This is, of course, a good thing. I've always thought that whoever the people are that design the outfits for video games had the coolest job ever. Even cooler than whoever comes up with all those ridiculous lipstick and nail polish color names.

PS I receive about ten emails a day about boots. Specifically, my Sam Edelmans and/or my Chloes, and where I got them. In an effort to save time for all involved, I got the Chloes on Yoox except for the above which were via Ebay, and the Edelmans also on Ebay. I don't see any current Chloe Doc auctions but there's pretty much always a scattering of the latter posted - right now, there's a 7, a 7.5, and a 9. I hope that helps!

Visual aides:

  • Exhibit A, Exhibit B of some hot (and ripped) game girls..I don't even want to talk about the images I came across when Googling around for these
  • I bought this sweater months ago and still haven't worn it..what is wrong with me?
  • my favorite photo of Emmanuelle Alt, I want it all
  • I love the way MK layers
  • the lightest denim looks so refreshing right now (Mugatu voice or not)
  • Trish Goff has the coolest face ever..part doe and part Pocahontas

(angelfire, thesartorialist, olsen-files, foto_decadent, topshop)

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