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(Urban Outfitters cardigan, vintage fur scarf, Forever 21 necklace, Kate Moss for Topshop wet look jeans, Bakers Boots)

I'm tempted to Rodarte-ify this cardigan but want to get a few more wears out of it before that particular potential disaster.

Visited one of my favorite stores in Berkeley, Slash, which is basically just a tiny room with piles and piles of vintage Levi's and a good amount of army surplus gear. Fun if you're in the mood to really dig. One of my best friends in high school introduced it to me back in the day and we used to spend hours trying to find the ultimate Levi's. We'd do all kinds of obnoxious things like switch wardrobes for the week so that no one could tell us apart from the back and wear inappropriately strappy platforms to assembly. Shout out to Anne!

I ended up just getting a green meshy hooded jacket. The salesgirl informed me that the material it's made of is bugproof..or something. I didn't inquire further, but it can't hurt, right?

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