stud gun

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Playing around with Poladroid.

Sunday was an inexplicable 85 degrees so we took full advantage by riding bikes on the boardwalk before consuming the bounty of a trip to 7-Eleven on the sand. It was the first run on the beach cruiser that Colin got for me for Christmas, as well as a chance to revive this cheesy backless crochet top that I had in high school. One of the odd pieces I scrounged up at my parent's house along with the white cutoffs.

I started this Converse studding project back in October but then got annoyed by my inability to line the studs up and shoved the whole thing into a closet..until last week when I forced myself to finish the damn things during a Man VS Wild marathon so they wouldn't go to waste. Now to scuff them up with a few more splashes of rank water in the streets tossed up through the spokes and I should be good..

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