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(vintage dress, Korcula necklace, Forever 21 studded cuff, other cuffs vintage and gifts from Kristin, Chloe boots)

I was completely infatuated with this dress last spring but never thought that I would be so lucky as to wear it with these CHLOE BOOTS. Yes I have succumbed to the final remaining shaft height of the FW07 beauties. Ebay is truly a land where dreams come true. Now all I need to do is take a photograph of the three of them mating and set it as my iPhone backdrop for all eternity. Handily, it could also serve as a reminder that I need never shop again.

Maybe it was a good thing that I eased myself into the most extreme version of the shoe..wearing them kind of makes me feel like a bad ass 90s-centric video game character. This is, of course, a good thing. I've always thought that whoever the people are that design the outfits for video games had the coolest job ever. Even cooler than whoever comes up with all those ridiculous lipstick and nail polish color names.

PS I receive about ten emails a day about boots. Specifically, my Sam Edelmans and/or my Chloes, and where I got them. In an effort to save time for all involved, I got the Chloes on Yoox except for the above which were via Ebay, and the Edelmans also on Ebay. I don't see any current Chloe Doc auctions but there's pretty much always a scattering of the latter posted - right now, there's a 7, a 7.5, and a 9. I hope that helps!

Visual aides:

  • Exhibit A, Exhibit B of some hot (and ripped) game girls..I don't even want to talk about the images I came across when Googling around for these
  • I bought this sweater months ago and still haven't worn it..what is wrong with me?
  • my favorite photo of Emmanuelle Alt, I want it all
  • I love the way MK layers
  • the lightest denim looks so refreshing right now (Mugatu voice or not)
  • Trish Goff has the coolest face ever..part doe and part Pocahontas

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