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CdG hologram wallet, YSL cobra ring, Vernissage gold ants ring, D&G messenger bag, Vivienne Westwood ankle boot.

Of course half of this is sold out/unavailable. And I saved that Westwood boot photo like five years ago...if they ever show up on eBay it's over. Can you imagine how good they'd look after a couple hundred wears?

A little Googling on ear cuffs and I found Zannedelion..a few of these might be pretty cool. Perhaps 7607, 1102, or 1303. Though I maintain that there should be more chain mesh and less tiny balls involved.

Sorry for the hiatus, I've been grappling a cold this week so haven't worn anything more exciting than my shoddy Target slippers and long socks. But I've been OD-ing on vitamins and water so hopefully will be intact by Saturday night..

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