already under and living within the ocean

ph. by me

1 Lonely Hearts cutout bra/crappy Ikea mesh curtains
2 at the Process Showroom in New Zealand where I first saw the collection in September

Lonely Hearts makes the best lingerie. I failed to find the cutout bodysuit from this collection but was stoked to see that one of my favorite stores Bona Drag had ordered some pieces.

i'm sure i used to be so free

ph. by Colin

(gifted Shakuhachi lace shirtdress, Alexander Wang bra, Levi's shorts, Deadly Ponies bag, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Karen Walker sunglasses, H&M jacket)

It's been hot for the past couple days...triblend romper hot. Kind of disgusting, but fun for acai bowls in the grass. Felt pretty prepared with a blanket and all but turns out full-on pavilions are de rigeur these days. Where are people even buying these things? I never see them for sale in stores. Cause you know I want one. I may or may not settle for a tent with lots of zippers.

Shakuhachi gave me a reason to love pink. Australian designers just keep on coming out with those pieces that are as wearable as they are different.

two tone

ph. by Kristin

Huntington Beach at 5pm, in thrifted shearling jacket..haven't dyed my hair since November and it shows.

ETA I'm not going to dye it anytime soon! I've been waiting for it to get to this stage...

staring at the little blotch of sunshine with a special intensity

(sunglasses courtesy of Karen Walker, Forever 21 chain headband, Erin Wasson x RVCA tshirt, thrifted skirt, Chanel wedges, vintage coat)

I'm really picky about tortoiseshell shades but these are perfect and feel vaguely know, unlike my 9,000th faux fur collared coat I have on here...anyway, they were a gift via my trip to New Zealand fashion week along with my favorite round pair. Finally thrifted a long black skirt (sorry, won't say 'maxi' as much as Anna won't say 'bootie'..typing it in quotations doesn't count) and painted my nails this questionable shade over lunch. Which made my sandwich taste like nail polish + I feel like I accidentally ate some off of my index finger and have been slightly depressed about it ever since.

say you do

Mini Anden styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington

My favorite part of this is that it looks like the lonely enjoyment of the fruits of a really good trip to the thrift store: basic cuffed white shorts, flimsy bits of pastel silk, and an inexplicable print here and there. What we're really looking at: Vivienne Westwood knit bodysuit, Bernhard Wilhelm socks, Miu Miu cotton dress, Emma Cook face print dress, and a Martin Margiela dressing gown belt layered over bits of vintage lingerie. And everything I want to wear right now.


(Yesstyle jacket, LF sweater, American Apparel shorts and lace tights, Sam Edelman boots)

Late afternoon coffee run and a smushy jacket from, I'm sorry, is impossible to navigate. I recommend looking through it via Polyvore if you actually want to find anything.

electric town

The second day in Tokyo I got really sick..I guess it was some kind of flu that I got in the airplane but I wasn't about to let it interfere with my plans to show Colin the strange land that is Akihabara. So I stocked up on cold medicine, aspirin, and eyedrops (I swear I saw lychee 'flavored' eyedrops) at the supermarket by our hotel. The cracked out bear felt my pain.

Taking my shiny new drugs with water and coffee.

Cutting through buildings to avoid getting rained on..I guess you can only barely see here but I tricked out this camera with a Balenciaga strap and a BCBG studded attachment. The other camera has a vintage '70s strap from eBay..I'm not really into that cheesy black branded one that comes in the box..

Holding two drinks in one hand is one of my few talents.

Going the wrong way is fun.

So is taking pictures of anime girls in the train station.


But then again I also like taking pictures of the ground.

Stepping onto the streets..wearing vintage coat (children's section = very short sleeves), Forever 21 armwarmers, YSL ring, vintage Chanel backpack, vintage scarves, Topshop Unique suspender skirt, Zara henley, Target socks, and Jeffrey Campbell boots. I really like this skirt but the suspenders/garters are hopeless at staying put. I gave up the 500th time they came undone. Shot by Colin of course.

There's nothing I hate more than these machines with clumsy groping claws. Not once has one retrieved me a stuffed anything. But I had to look cause these ones were really big and complicated.

We won't talk about what was down those stairs.

Freezing. Soon soba would help.

View from inside the soba place.

A girl advertising a "maid cafe" in a fetching outfit. These are establishments where nerds can experience varying amounts of attention from females, no strings attached..not such a bad arrangement, right? Yukiko filled me in on the finer details.

Her accomplice across the street. Points for Love A Lot being magically attached to her skirt. She and Swift Heart were my favorites.

It's easy to feel small here.

Even when you're taller than all the cops. Undone again. And heading back to the hotel to pile on all my clothes for the next adventure.

live on sunset

(Camilla and Marc "Somewhere Sometime" dress, Topshop ankle boots)

On Thursday I hosted a party at the Live on Sunset store in West Hollywood, it was a lot of fun (Buttercake Bakery cupcakes and Minx manicures yay)..I wore a Camilla and Marc dress that I got on the spot (I was going to wear all Topshop but I just fell in love with this the second I saw it) and a lot of double stick tape. Met some amazing people and saw some of my favorites. Thank you to everyone at LOS!


Bliss Lau Zelda bra

Vanessa Bruno F/W 10.11
style italy

Gail Sorronda mask and headband
my photo, taken at the K3 showroom in Tokyo

Charlotte Kemp

Fishtail braids

Oxford platforms

Jena Theo asymmetrical cardigan

Pamela Love cage ring

Acne Shank boots


Alexander Wang slit sweater

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