(Karen Walker sunglasses, Zara jacket, Pink Adobe dress, Target socks, Miu Miu clogs, vintage bag)

Arrived in Tokyo a few days ago...spent the first night at my grandparent's place, went shopping with my mom and aunt, saw most of my rather extensive family out here in one way or another, met Colin at our hotel after he flew out separately, took him immediately to some strange party on the second floor of a sushi restaurant in honor of my mom where he was called both Tom Cruise and Tony (??) and my hair was pet by strangers, attempted to act as interpreter between him and my grandparents, ended up at only one train station by accident, watched multiple people around me eat fish intestines, discovered the wonder of pocket heaters, semi-jogged a mile in freezing cold rain, started to not miss the instant everything-ness of my iPhone, spent about 2000% more on food than clothing, including corn soup flavored chips and bear shaped bread, burnt my tongue on some of the best coffee of my life, and bought this little striped smock dress. Next up: working with Elle Girl Japan, shopping in Harajuku, hopefully having dinner with my favorite uncle, and a trip to the countryside.

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