(Monki sweater via Filippa's mailing service...sounds dirty but it isn't, Hanes men's undershirt, J Brand/Henry Duarte jeans courtesy of J Brand, Jeffrey Campbell boots, vintage Chanel backpack)

A ride on the train to Roppongi. The goal - to show Colin Tokyo Tower. When I was little I lived right in this area but you wouldn't know it from the path we took there. Parents always expect you to remember the slightest things from before memory and a sense of direction were functioning things, and my mom later made sure to express shock that I didn't show him our exact old apartment building, especially when I was right next to "The Tunnel" (an underground pathway sure to have a million others just like it scattered across the city). Of course. Anyway, we got out of the Ebisu station (don't even ask why we didn't take the one knows the answer to that question), chose a random direction to walk in, quickened the pace as the sun threatened to set, felt relieved when signs confirmed it was actually the right one, walked/froze a while longer, got out all the gloves, hats, and pocket heaters we had on us, gave up and hailed a cab, marveled at how much longer we would have had to walk as the driver turned in multiple un-guessable directions, and finally landed in the middle of Roppongi with the landmark well in sight and a cafe to duck into. What I do remember from my childhood and that high rise apartment is looking out at the Tokyo Tower from the room I shared with my brother on winter mornings and inspecting just how high the clouds and fog were obscuring it and how much of it's tip was still visible before getting going for the day. Which is actually what I would prefer to retain over things like directions and points of reference. Most of the time I have my iPhone to do all of that for me anyway.

(photos by Colin)

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