at the dannijo studio

I was able to stop by to meet the beautiful sisters behind Dannijo in the Meatpacking District while in New York..after weaving through a block-wrapping line for the Apple store (I want one too but I think I can wait a few weeks..) and up a few flights of stairs it was through the door to a light-filled studio...the walls were lined with every kind of jewelry display setup possible dripping with chains and crystals and drawers showing off shield rings and cuffs. The sisters' different aesthetics (Danni is the more bohemian counterpart to Jodie's classic sensibilities) combine to create a really particular look to their pieces. My first look at the heavily twisted and embellished necklaces had me picturing them layered over an old tshirt or flimsy vintage dress but I can just as easily see them working with clothing that's actually supposed to be beautiful. My picks from their site (sorry I didn't get photos of all of them!) - the Hendrick and Caleb necklaces, Jacinda and Cheyenne rings, and the Sparo cuff. Mostly cause I can picture wearing them anywhere with anything. Which is actually the qualifier for everything I add to my matter how beautiful it is or isn't.
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