room 943

(Kate Moss for Topshop dress, Frye motorcycle boots)

I accidentally checked into a really creepy hotel in LA on Thursday. As in I meant to be in a hotel but it was supposed to be....not this. There was something Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate about way too many people lurking in the corridors and I kept on giving myself heart attacks by leaning against this crazy black button while plucking my eyebrows, which against all common sense would cause the toilet to flush in an extremely abrupt manner. So I wheedled my friend Chris into exploring its weirdness with me, or as the exact conversation went:

Me: "What are you doing, I'm in a hotel and have no one to ransack the ice machines with."
Him: "Well I do want to see if I still fit in one."

I changed into my favorite floral dress and half an hour later we were united and off to mingle with the extremely varied guests. Well, after he took this beautiful piece of artwork off the wall for me to pose with awkwardly. I would have said I would never stay there again but after the amount of randomness that ensued I just might..even if it was only to steal the no hanger sign which I idiotically didn't this time around.

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