(Forever 21 crystal headband and zipper jeans, Grey Ant Status sunglasses, thrifted sweater, American Apparel tshirt, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Givenchy bag)

I have an issue with very low prioritization when it comes to denim..all my shorts are gross cut up things from the thrift store and I can't remember the last time I tried on some high-end jeans. Most of the time when I find myself wanting new jeans I just 'customize' my existing pairs, which rarely ends up right and leaves me with less than I had to begin with. But somehow when I ordered these jeans online a few months ago they slid on perfectly upon arrival. Weird. I wore this out to sushi and magazine stand-ing and then shopping.

Of far more consequence, I bit the bullet and did something that I've always wanted to do last Thursday..I had LASIK done. I can thank my parents for a fast metabolism but in terms of eyesight they pretty much screwed me. I've worn contacts almost exclusively (that constant peripheral sight of the side of glasses frames never worked for me) but never found a brand that didn't give me that feeling of something foreign being in my eyes. I keep a pretty random schedule too and always find myself awake and red-eyed in the wee hours of the morning when my contacts really start dying on me. This gets boring fast. I did my research and went to the San Diego LASIK Institute last month for a consultation with Dr. Pham (to be honest, finally doing this was largely spurred by having run out of contacts again and not wanting to go through the process of getting my prescription updated and buying them again) and after having my eyes checked in a million different ways and dilated to all hell (err really hope that that there wasn't a camera on that no turn on red on the drive back) it turned out I was a really good candidate. Colin was freaked out but I told him I trusted the doctor, that the entire procedure would be as custom-built for my eyes as possible, and that no harm could come from someone who keeps their office so stocked with gummi bears and granola bars. So he took me in for the procedure last Thursday and it ended up being a thousand times less scary than I thought possible and weirdly painless. I spent the rest of the day knocked out on valium and woke up with 20/20 vision the next morning. Seeing my bedroom, alarm clock and all, so clearly in the morning light was feels like a miracle and I'm still in shock that these are my eyes. Now it's just no makeup or exercise for a week (this is probably the worst part of the whole thing) and then my bionic eyes can take all the bodies of water, red-eye flights, and spontaneous stay-overs that come my way.

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