w 35th, nyc

(DIY backwards shirtdress, layered necklaces, Acne wedges, Givenchy bag)

Our one and only videographer Nate was shooting us shooting these a few blocks from Bryant Park, which required a back and forth on the crosswalk before we made our way down to Kinokuniya bookstore so I could make them buy pretty sandwiches while I checked out the Japanese magazines. I could easily have spent two hours in there.

I've had this hopelessly oversized thing for a few months now, for some reason it stood out to me while combing my neighborhood Goodwill. Maybe it was the oatmeal stripes? Or its potential to redefine shapeless? I wore it once and felt kind of horrible in it, so I put it away again and eventually came back to it with a plan. Deciding it was the science teacher-reminiscent half collar that was to blame, I trimmed the whole neck down and sewed it up (when I say sew I mean loop thread sloppily until nothing seems to fall apart upon contact), also closing up the fabric below the last button to stop it from gaping awkwardly in the wind. But boyshorts never hurt.

The Acne wedges have already been worn to the point of being dented and's so strange, from several first hand accounts I've heard people say that they are either stupidly painful or the most comfortable platforms they own. I'm on the side of the latter party luckily..I always reach for them first these days and have been noticing this desert boot silhouette appear from less exalted brands as well. They could work in a flat version I think. Wish we could have spent a couple more days in the city, I got zero shopping time in. Next time!

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