On the rocks

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Bodysuit, American Apparel. Pullover, vintage.

American Apparel sent me over some of their new styles, including this sick bodysuit that fits more perfectly than is logical. It's made of an '80s-reminiscent super thick and stretchy jersey and I'm now coveting it in the white version too.

This is kind of sad, but I hardly ever actually make it into the ocean even though it's only a few blocks away - it's pretty much always too frosty for me. I think the last time I was fully immersed was Labor Day last year when the combination of Indian summer heat and too much vodka made it seem like a more friendly option (also the day I discovered that the only time I will burn is when wearing a metallic bikini top all day that reflects the sunlight doubly onto my ribs..ouch). So no harm is done if my attire isn't waterproof.

And is there anything cuter than little surfer kids in wetsuits with sun-bleached hair? Not really.

Thank you so so much for the comments on similar hair woes and the NY tips - I'm busy putting together a master list of things I want to make sure to check out and shopping in the vitamin aisle. But so sad about Topshop!
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