Silver sequin flames

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Blouse, shorts, and cuff, vintage. Heels, Oh Deer.

Totally the craziest thing ever. Perhaps a bastard love child of this and this? It's too bad (really, really too bad) that I don't have the Balmain moccasin booties to properly channel the bad-ass-ness that could be going on here. It seems like every fall sequins (along with plaid, always a fuss over plaid) are touted as some groundbreaking trend but I kind of love them always. It's still an even 80 degrees every day here so I can't break out the lamé leggings/black funnel neck coat/ankle sock/crazy sandal experiment I'm envisioning but I've always thought that the glitz is offset pretty well by destroyed denim too. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I think everything matches denim shorts. It's okay though, it seems like I'm the only one in the blogosphere that actually loves summer and I'm going to relish every last sticky, sandy second of it.

The only sad thing about this blouse is that it's just the tiniest bit too short to wear as a dress. Even for my (non-existent) standards. I feel like I've been over-wearing my Chloe wedges so I made myself go for these Oh Deer Louboutin knockoffs instead. Not seen since the early days of the blog, when coincidentally, I was wearing plaid. And..denim shorts.

If you're getting bored of studio shots, don't worry because my beloved is returning from Rome in mere hours. Exciting stuff. And he is apparently bringing me crazy fierce Italian cuffs or something. Sweet. Thanks again to all my friends who helped me out with photographs!
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