Leopard love

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Dress, Forever 21. Shirt, Gap. Bag, Givenchy. Heels, Promiscuous.

I'm always getting questions from readers about how comfortable certain pairs of heels are. These are already ranking pretty high on the wearability scale, but if I had to note which are the most comfortable...

1. Nine West blue satin mirrored wedges. NOT the white pleather version I also have. The material makes a huge difference, sadly enough.

2. Chloe red Doc-style wedges. Clunky, but I can wear them forever.

3. Bebe zippered gladiator heels. The huge platform, dude. Plus, once you're zipped in, your foot really isn't going to move around in there. This is a reason why laces are also helpful in lessening heel discomfort.

4. Forever 21 canvas sneaker heels. I think the key to purchasing their shoes is to avoid all pleather. Pleather is the devil.

5. Marni gray patent wedges. For how sculptural and shiny they are, I would never expect them to be so painless.

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