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Jacket/vest, vintage. Skirt, Forever 21. Shoes, Chloe.

What I get when I combine a few of my current favorites. I tend to get wardrobe-stupid and forget that I own all the crap that I do, leaning on a few key pieces to get me through (sequin butterfly top, probably not going to make it). This is when I decide to reorganize or spend an hour trying on clothes dancing around to Rihanna and M.I.A. like a fool.

This outfit is from this past weekend, I've gotten behind in posts as usual, which isn't aided by the fact that my boyfriend/photographer is in ROME right now for work. Yes, Rome the city. Wtf? A thousand questions arise, but mostly why am I not there with him/why couldn't I muster $1500 last minute? And since when is he cool enough to travel to Europe for work (sorry, Caldwell, love youuu)? Oh well, apparently the humidity is at 100%, the salads suck, and everything's closed in August or something. So I guess it's alright, especially since I just gave in and pre-ordered an iPhone and I will apparently be spending all my money on phone bills now. My fifth grade memories (pigeons, piazzas, stracciatella gelato, pervy men) of the city will have to do. Tomorrow I am enlisting the help of my dear friend Akshay to take pictures. He has no idea what he's in for.

I went to a new yoga class tonight, and the teacher was the most graceful sinewy being I have ever witnessed to exist. He moved like a crazy panther, which I found weirdly awe-inspiring. New goal in life: move like crazy panther.

Also, I just killed a fly with a single swipe of a pen. I am a ninja. Must disinfect pen now.

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