the inner athlete

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Pullover and boots, vintage. Shorts, vintage Levi's. Jewelry; vintage, Target, Iwona Ludyga, Forever 21.

I love finding completely inexplicable garments like this pullover jacket thing. Removable one-sided vest? Mmmk. Huge hood? YES YES YES. But seriously, huge weird slouchy things like this work perfectly to offset all my tiny skirts, shorts, and skinny pants. I've noticed that I'm slowly making more use of all the athletic-inspired clothing in my wardrobe, from my Forever 21 sneaker heels to the American Apparel bodysuit to the shiny RVCA gym shorts that I've been living in. Gymnasium chic?

A few of you have asked what nail polish this is, it's one of the 4 I keep in rotation for when I do my own nails - OPI's Chihuahua Bites with some China Glaze sheer pink that I never used mixed in. The others (all OPI) - Lincoln Park in the Dark, Got the Blues for Red, and Light my Sapphire. While I'm on this, does anyone have a good basecoat recommendation? I have this sneaking suspicion that the one I'm using really sucks.

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