This week's auctions

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I'm kind of bummed that I wasn't able to get more auctions up for this week but I ran out of time yesterday and today trying to get ready for New York, so here's a quick visual of some of the things available right now. I wanted to keep wayy too many of these items but the store must plod forth...most notably the blue jumpsuit, but I'm sitting on like five vintage jumpsuits right now so this one goes. Click here to check them out.

And remember, I definitely ship internationally..actually it seems about 80% of orders are going abroad these days. I'm so happy that I reached 1000 feedback last week!

Oh, and I've received about 24,000 emails from people asking where they can get the Chloe Doc wedges (HOLY CRAP), and I've got good news - they're currently available in black (in taller, even more fearsome styles) at Yoox..I'm seriously trying to resist the appeal of the versatility of the black version...what is it with me and black heels lately?

Okay I really need to start packing now.

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