Back in jeans

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Beanie, American Apparel. Top, Forever 21. Jeans, Blue Notch. Wedges, Chloe. Metal mesh bag, vintage. Spiky cuff, some random street vendor in New York.

It's been feeling a bit more autumnal the past week or so. By that, I mean I can't wear tiny shorts and skirts at night bare-legged without dying a little bit. Enter beanie and (gasp) jeans.

Some readers have commented that I never wear jeans. Reason 1 being they are my least favorite thing to wear when it's hot out, which it has been for the past six months or so. And honestly, I have a hard time finding denim that I like because it's always overwhelming to the point of being boring to contemplate all the options that are out there these days. But Sun at Blue Notch was nice enough to send me over these perfectly skinny jeans and I'm back to loving pants again..the piercing detail on the pockets is kind of right up my alley too. Check out their f/w lookbook to get a peek at what look to be the holy grail of leather skinnies.

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