Beach daze

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Before I get pounced on for wearing boots near sand, let me just say that living by the beach, you gotta get your designer shoe time in when you can. I only do the flip flop thing when I'm planning on thrashing around directly into the sand, and even then it's probably a studded sandal actually.

I totally caved and Yooxed these Chloe ankle boots, mostly because my red ones are pretty much my favorite thing that I own. It seems this style is even more noteworthy to the public than the others though, a drunkard from the second story of a bar yelled down "SWEET BOOTS", and seconds later the sentiment was echoed by a housewife-ish lady and a cracked out nomad-looking dude that seemed to be having trouble focusing. So glad I have Colin around sometimes.

Erin Wasson x RVCA top, vintage shorts, Chloe boots, vintage Chanel backpack.

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