Late onset

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Call me slow on the uptake but I hadn't actually checked out the collection that included the boots we've all been dying over for the past couple months. Aside from discovering that they come in MINT and ORANGE SHERBET (just the knowledge that they're out there somewhere makes me happy), I've decided that I'm in desperate need of ink splattery tie dyed minidresses, however unsold I remain on the monochromatic pastel look.

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Oh yeah, and they come in a transparent/black combination too. Topshop, how were these not mass produced? Mmm shiny stiff ruffles.

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The latest more affordable wares - I would have bought the cardigan but I swear to God Topshop has already sucked away wayyy too much of my money this month. I'm awaiting not one but two orders..bad bad. Included are Kate Moss wet-look skinnies, the studded Gucci k/o boots, and a D.I.P. dress. Though I doubt I would have been able to resist if she had recreated any of the three dresses on the left...

(sources: elle, topshop)

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