Q is for Quail

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Quail jacket, Kain tank, Norwegian Wood harness, Levi's shorts, Topshop boots.

Michelle Williams of Quail was sweet enough to send me some pieces from her vintage-inspired line, which manages to be romantic without crossing over to saccharine. As soon as I touched this jacket I knew it was very me, the best thing about it being the gigantic knit hood that I of course failed to photograph in action. Next time.

A few people have asked about the comfort factor with the Emma Cook boots - all I have to say is chunky semi-shock absorbent rubbery sole is heaven even on 5 inches. Shoe designers take note. Kirsty made the interesting observation that they look sorta like flat boots from the front, which is weirdly true, though perhaps more so on her black version.

Stoked on the vlog reaching 20,000 views, you guys are amazing. We'll try to get another one going if we can convince Colin's dad that he needs to edit it.

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