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Secondhand top, Levi's shorts, Lyte Accessories headband, Elizabeth & James ring, Bakers boots.

I actually played tennis here a few days ago for the first time in an overly long while and am, pitifully, still sore from it. As in hurts every time I laugh sore. I get pretty ferocious out there. Tennis is one of the few sports I actually find satisfying..I went surfing a few times when I lived in Hawaii and it seemed like a good time but I swear to God every time I was almost awesome all these idiotic drifting tourists would get in the way.

Has anyone else ordered the Olsens' Influence yet? My copy came today and I swear to God it's so good that if I was 12 I would want to make wallpaper out of it. Check out your future obsession here. It's worth buying just for the Karl interview. There are few things I love more than the things that come out of the Kaiser's mouth.

Since I'm too lazy to shop in real life anymore, I think I'm going to order these disgusting pseudo-sweat pants and see if I can take the gym out of them. This is probably Alexander Wang's fault.

Why doesn't blogger offer bullet point format? I would totally use it.

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