California dreaming

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Secondhand blazer, Urbn shirt, Topshop shorts, Old Navy tights, Zara boots, , E&J ring, Korcula and vintage necklaces, RVCA bag

The part of my Topshop order that actually worked anyone else really loving these pseudo-Guccis?

I was going to do an old fashioned "what's in the bag" post but I swear it's pretty dull in there - holey white scarf, gray beanie, feathered headband, wallet, Aquaphor, L'oreal Colour Juice, keys, phone. It's always good to be able to accessorize in two seconds flat. So now I just have a photo of me..near my bag.

And yes I have roots worse than Tori Spelling, but I'm totally putting off going to the crazy salon cause honestly there's nothing worse than sitting in a chair immobilized for four hours freezing to death. Somehow no matter how much I layer it's never enough for that place.

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