Sun on my back

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Erin x RVCA leather top, Levi's, Korcula necklace, vintage chain necklace worn as a bracelet.

It's about a thousand degrees again, the air is seriously suffocating me but at least it gives me a chance to wear this top before it actually transitions into fall. If it ever actually transitions into fall.

I wrote an article for Vogue Girl Korea on RVCA and my experiences in New York that a reader emailed me they had seen so hopefully I'll get a copy to share with you guys - my first official published work! Aside from a random photograph I took that Jane published when I was in high school. I used to be really into photography but I guess Colin's picked up the slack for me there. I thought I was so cool with my dad's 35mm Nikon from the '70s. Maybe I'll post some later if I can remember the password to my ancient Photobucket account. Subject matter largely consisted of the ground, people's backs in Tokyo, and recycling bins. I'm pretty sure I thought I was really intense.

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