Zipped in

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Zipper harness, designed by Michelle Yue and made by Norwegian Woods' Angie Johnson, Kain tank, vintage Levi's jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, vintage blazer.

The second I laid eyes on this zipper harness ingeniously designed by Michelle Yue, I fell in love. Hard. I love that Michelle hatched the idea and enlisted the help of Norwegian Wood designer Angie Johnson to create it - her expertise with zippers seems pretty much unrivaled. I even went so far as to create an account and make my first purchase ever on the fabled Etsy. After a bunch of emailing and anxious waiting, I received a package from her containing the beloved piece, as well as a few other things designed by her and her friends that elicited way too many delighted squeals as I tore back the tissue paper. Thank you to both Michelle and Angie for working together to make this, I couldn't possibly love it more. Though I did the first run here in a plain white tank, it weirdly looks good with most everything. I'm going to stop raving now before it gets out of control.

Oh and my year-long search for the perfect boyfriend jeans has come to an end. Good thing, it was getting pretty hopeless there for a while.

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