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Spent the night with my two favorite boys jumping around between random houses and bars with the obligatory pit stop to pick up beer and M&Ms. I think my makeup turned out to be more just really shimmery than sickly like I wanted it to look but I've never really been too handy with makeup. Colin was a Roman warrior that I tried to pass off as Atreyu and Chris a pretty convincing motorcycle accident victim that ended up getting fake blood all over me. Most random costume I saw: girl dressed as Salad Fingers. Props for specificity.

I have to say a huge thank you to Nature Graffiti for the suggestion on using Forever 21 accessories to make the headpiece - I found a double strand necklace that I separated and re-tied along with the big pin..sadly they didn't have anything teardrop-shaped like the original one but I think I got lucky enough that the strands were the right length for my dome. Someone also commented when I posted my plan that the Neverending Story wasn't too big in the US, which makes sense since I had to really explain my costume to pretty much everyone. Makes sense, I think I was living in Tokyo or Hong Kong during the peak of my obsession as a child. The fact I randomly threw on a vintage faux fur for warmth probably only confused the matter more.

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