topping out

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Topshop jacket and boots, Fruit of the Loom tshirt, Forever 21 stirrup leggings.

  • some of my favorite days are when a big gray package from Topshop arrives...huge pre-outfit post thumbs up on the Kate Moss wet look skinnies (I would link them but Topshop links just make it back to the homepage 99% of the time)
  • since it's mildly ambiguous, let me just assure you that the shirt is long enough to wear with leggings - I'm with Blair on that particular stance
  • check out for a fun pictoral overview of recent blog posts
  • it was a hookah, not a cigarette
  • I bought a PVC paneled black sweater today
  • daylight savings is depressing
  • bullet points are almost as fun as studded footwear

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