mussed up

(Kain shirt, vintage zipper skirt, shrug, and necklace, Chloe shoes)

I swear this skirt was the find of a lifetime. Months after purchasing it, I'm still shocked that it was actually my size. Do you like my Proenza/Dellal hair? Sometimes I have a little too much fun in the studio - today it was blasting Britney and Rise Against while integrating props and flipping my locks about. So don't worry, I'm TOTALLY kidding, this is not my new look. But how much would those weird round sunglasses that Jack and Lazaro sent down the runway on Raquel enhance? At least 5%.


Glove love?

And I want to thank everyone again for the amazing, lovely, hilarious, heartwarming comments from the last post..thank you thank you thank you.

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