RVCA love

T, H&M. Dress, American Apparel. Shorts and pants, RVCA. Wedges, Chloe. Cuff and glasses, vintage. Tights, Target.

A reader commented that she always has millions of questions as to how my photos come about. Well today, it pretty much went like this:

R: Let's go take pictures with my new shoes!

C: Okay. If we go to Trader Joe's afterwards.

Mmm yes. So we drove up to a dirt road we drove by this past weekend on the way to get Mexican food that had seemed somewhat promising. After a couple test shots we decided it wasn't working out, so on the way home we saw this old decrepit restaurant and stopped there instead. Perhaps I shouldn't unveil the mundanity behind Fashiontoast but well there it is.

A while ago I received an email from the extremely kind Josh from RVCA, saying that he had been following my site..we've kept in contact and some crazy exciting stuff is on the way. He and design director Kristin were also sweet enough to send over a very generous amount of clothing, which I received today. I have no idea how it happened since I have a pretty hard time finding pants for myself, but the black skinnies fit me ridiculously perfectly, and I am obsessed with these weird little black lamé running shorts. We all know that Erin Wasson is debuting her line for RVCA soon...I honestly can't wait. The blending of her personal style and one of the best surf/skate companies around is going to be golden. Until then, I imagine this editorial is the closest we can get to hold us over.

Edited to add: check out Erin's blog on the RVCA site here.
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