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A while ago I briefly toyed with actual Doc Martens but decided they weren't very me, instead choosing to hopelessly pine after the Chloes that were for me the most stunning element of Paulo Melim Andersson's collection that I jabbered on about earlier this year. Seeing them on this angsty Parisian just twisted the knife. So when I found them on a routine Yoox browse I contemplated sort of endlessly and eventually bit the bullet. So, so glad I made this irrational choice. The weird persimmon orange seriously glows, and they boost me to just under six feet (glad the boyfriend is 6'2" at times like these). I wore them out shopping today with him and he informed my comfortably oblivious self that entire gaggles of females old and young were pointing and discussing. I'm going to go ahead and assume they were just wondering what the hell was on my feet since they're hardly what I would call palatable to the average human. They're actually really comfortable, though my boyfriend noted that they changed my gait in a weird way. He did preface this by saying that he likes the way that I walk in heels, adding that his brother had even noted this. Random.

In regards to my more present bangs, I tried Linda's trim trick a couple weeks ago, realizing afterward that it wasn't really meant for side bangs (still recommend the tip though!). Hmmm. I swear I went to college. Anyway, this left me with suspiciously un-sideswept sideswept bangs so I decided to just take the plunge and commit to the full deal. For now, anyway.

Dress, FCUK. Wedges, Chloe. Headband, Loehmann's. Bag, vintage. Added my leather bomber jacket later.

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