deranged denim

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Tee, cutoff Fruit of the Loom. Jeans, vintage. Sunglasses, Forever 21. Bag, Anna Corinna. Boots, Jessica Simpson.

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Blazer, H&M. Jeans, vintage. Heels, Nine West.

These are likely the craziest jeans I have ever seen, let alone actually worn. There's so much going on with them - the skinniest cropped leg, ridiculously high waist, and lattice cutouts at the sides, all executed in a delicously ugly/awesome acid wash. All they're missing is...nothing. I was doubtful as to whether I could integrate them into my style, but I tried and I think I am in love. Anyway, what is fashion without wanton experimentation? I've been trying to wear my older shoes and bags lately to, you know, spread the love - I forgot how ideal these Jessica Simpson ankle boots are. I couldn't care less about her recent delving into country music, but I must say I'm grateful for the production of these shoes.

Sorry it's been quiet here the past couple of days, my boyfriend and I have been busy having one of the best weekends of recent history - don't worry, we went a little photo crazy and I have a little over a zillion photos to sift through, resize, and post. The last two here are a preview from today's session, can't wait to put up the rest.

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