High summer's low down

Being so busy working on the new unveiling of the store has left me zero time for blogging, even though I have so much to post. My inability to quench my sick internet obsessions and blogging desires have left me feeling perpetually twitchy and anxious. Scary, huh. But I finally got around to working on the photos I mentioned a couple posts ago. My boyfriend and I ventured north with a car full of clothes and shoes and got to work. Probably not the average way to spend your Sunday, but we have so much fun taking these that the time just flew by until all of a sudden we were dying of thirst and decided to go jump in my pool before the sunset.

I've marked most of the items but if I missed anything feel free to ask. The black lace dress is a little big for me in the hips so it'll be for sale as soon as things are back up and running on eBay. You can't quite tell in the photos here but it has the sickest bustier and open back. So good. Anyway, hope you enjoy..don't forget to click to enlarge!
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