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I figure the 4th of July is perhaps the best possible day to dress kind of trashily - everyone's at least buzzed if not fully intoxicated, the humidity levels are high enough to induce wavy hair, and people don't seem to bother putting on much more than a swimsuit around here anyway. I spent the day hanging out with some friends I haven't seen in way too long and around a hundred gay men at a (catered!) house party, who promptly decided that I looked like a Bond girl in my romper and proceeded to refer to me as such for the rest of the time. This was further assisted by a neon watergun I tucked into my belt later. My boyfriend and I took a break to grab some lunch/air and found this nice baby blue wall to abuse. The fireworks later on were so abnormally awesome that I almost didn't mind stepping in vomit. Sick. SO glad I was wearing heels for that one.

Romper, Forever 21. Belt, vintage. Heels, Dollhouse. Sunglasses, Ray-ban.

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