wind chill

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(Alexander Wang thermal, vintage jacket, Forever 21 necklace, Sam Edelman boots)

Well winter blogging offically sucks, as soon as the days start getting longer again in a week things should pick back up. But ohhh man I love this thermal thing, which I couldn't get out of my head after seeing it in the resort collection months ago. So slouchy comfortable and sloppily me.

What I've been up to the past few days:

  • Went to see Third Eye Blind on Thursday, a band I will always love. I am obsessed with so many of their songs, but somehow hardly any of them are the main singles that come to mind. I was so, so happy to hear Motorcycle Drive-by and Slow Motion live. AND they played a few off their new album (after a million year hiatus??) coming out next spring and they were good..really good. Only then will the 90s officially be back. Ursa Major will be mine. Thank you for the tickets Matt ;)
  • I fiiinally got my roots taken care of on Friday, oh how I hate sitting in salons. I guess my hair looked horrifically light to some of you in the last post (which was actually pre-color), but hey as long as my mom doesn't disown me I think I'm good. Dyeing my hair does not mean I'm denying my Asian side..and if it does then about half of Tokyo is in trouble from what I've seen.
  • It was actually COLDish this weekend, Colin and I spent a good portion of it gathering potential firewood in alleys and treed areas and smugly sitting by a blazing hot fire. Good thing he's better at tearing up palettes than I am.
  • Getting excited about going up to SF soon to see the parents and brother. Plus I think I miss the place.
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