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First off, I want to thank everyone who spent the time to make me a header, I had no idea that so many of you were so good at this stuff! So thank you for the emails, the links, and even taking the time to ask me for HQs hahah! Sad thing is I feel really horrible since it's nigh impossible to use them all :(

I (along with a few others) really like this one left anonymously, but another reader that prefers to remain anonymous as well emailed me a couple I really liked too..I promise to decide shortly, and thank you SO much again for all of your help!! I seriously suck at that stuff.

And at last I am united with my 06 Balenciaga knockoffs in my know that feeling when you buy something that makes everything in your wardrobe ten times better? Yeah...and I was a little scared after reading reviews that they're vertiginous to an unbearable degree but I find them pretty walkable in reality. Maybe my existing collection has provided me with sufficient training for the holy grail of ankle boots?

But due to a little sizing confusion, I got a pair in a half size too large first, so I'll be putting them in the store tomorrow most likely..if you're a 7.5/8 you're in luck. These suckers run big.

(ETA: the listing for the boots is up..I think there was a little confusion - don't worry, the ones I'm wearing/keeping are a 7 and fit great..if you're a true 7.5 or a smallish 8 these should work perfectly for you..also up are the Topshop studded heel boots that are UGH too big for me why did they send me a 38 when I ordered a 7??)

And, of course, what I wore to test drive them..I'm leaving the quilted chain harness off of them for now, I'm still deciding which way I think they rule more.

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(Kain shirt, vintage faux fur jacket, Forever 21 macrame gloves, H&M necklace, Topshop patent leather skinnies, Sam Edelman boots)

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