the tunnel effect

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(secondhand mesh top, Erin Wasson for RVCA tank, Kate Moss for Topshop jeans, Aldo boots)

Man that's quite the camera stare-down..I don't think I was that angry. Maybe just sick of lurking in a tunnel with oddly tan-enhancing lighting. I think everything I'm wearing here is wardrobe favorite status..after some scattered online purchases I made today hopefully the pool will be expanding. I'm not sure why it is that I shop so much less at stores these days, but it's gotten to the point where the UPS guy expressed shock today when delivering something for Colin instead of for me..after which he assured me that I still "have him beat by far".

What I've learned:

  • don't just blindly Google..Shopstyle delivers results from everywhere that matters
  • buy two sizes, return the unwanted
  • learn to gage an item outside of the box ie. what will look good oversized, if a dress can be made more casual with a sloppy shirt worn over it..pretty soon you'll be able to look at a piece and tell if it's the length you want just on it's proportions in the photo
  • check often, as in before Topshop runs out of your size..again
  • perhaps not specific to online shopping, but before you buy makeup, check Makeupalley's reviews..since I'd much rather spend money on shoes than lip gloss, I just do a quick scan for the highest percentage "would buy again" from a drug store brand I recognize and then trustingly purchase it..this works out pretty much always, to the point where I haven't had to even try anything new in ages
  • sporadically make a really frumpy/weird/pseudo-ugly purchase - these often end up being my favorites..speaking of which, the sweater in the last post is indeed vintage..sorry!
  • Yoox is the designer shoe whore's best friend..I get a lot of questions about my Chloe wedges and well, I owe it all to Yoox
  • don't knock the not-so-obvious stores..who knew that Bebe made, put on sale, and sold out of a pair of sandals that weirdly channel Balmain ss09..or that Bakers has a pretty amazing pair of studded boots reminiscent I even have to say it? PS Hot Topic has some of the most amazing selection of skinnies for like a cent..paint splatter, leopard print, lace-up..
  • eBay is the eternal hotbed of standout pieces, even/especially for things like 70s camera straps and tiny magnets (look up "neodynium magnets") that will make your inspiration board that much better...randomness is key
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