mesh webs

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(vintage dress, H&M tights, Sam Edelman boots)

It is pouring rain right now and I love it, as much as all of Socal can't drive when it's wet out. Here's what I wore yesterday, craziest vintage sweater dress ever. I couldn't even believe this sequined/mesh spiderweb collar when I saw it.

I get a lot of questions and emails about if/how I wear this stuff out. It would be a pretty exhausting waste of time and effort if I didn't actually wear my clothes, wouldn't it? And as I always say, other people aren't dressing to please me and in turn I see no need to take them into account when dressing myself. I've actually never had a stranger negatively comment on anything I wear though, mainly people just remark on my shoes. I think you guys think people are a lot meaner than they really are? The internet, however..a whole different world.

Off to eat lobster mac and cheese with truffle oil at a restaurant Colin found, ohh am I excited. It's going to be really weird or really, really good.

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