you were somehow the rain this thing could allow

(vintage coat, lace dress, chain necklace, and snakeskin clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Topshop Alexus boots)

Sometimes the way I get dressed is more haphazard than anything else..the clutch I found in a stash of my things at my parent's house, the sunglasses were smashed into my glove compartment, and I just really wanted to wear my new Topshop boots (elasticated side boots have been on my wishlist forever). These shots are from Friday, taken around Union Street in the city before sushi and hotel antics. The trip was short and sweet and I'm now back at home..the main event today was hosting a Japanese TV crew at my house to film a segment for a Tokyo-based show. It went really well but now I'm dead tired from a buildup of lack of sleep over the last couple days. Hope everyone had a great weekend..!

ETA: major updates at Shoptoast today

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