photographer: Natasha Cantwell
stylist: Zara Mirkin

behind the scenes
photographer: Colin Sokol

Here it is - the shoot that I did for NO magazine while I was in New Zealand..the issue is now out! I haven't gotten a copy yet so I just have some LQ shots from a PDF but Colin was busy snapping away throughout behind the scenes and befriending the resident cat. This was literally right after the 13 hour flight to Auckland but everyone's amazing energy kept me going..thank you to Melinda, Anna, Zara, Amber, Natasha, and Charlotte! Highlights: wearing gold sequin Louis Vuitton boots and that Moschino belt, marveling at the extremely varied taxidermy around me, getting acquainted with the New Zealand skyline from the sunwashed patio, and witnessing Zara's genius madcap styling firsthand. Hope you like it.


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