(vintage hooded jacket and crochet top, Forever 21 pants, LD Tuttle boots, H&M angora beanie)

In my Halloween jacket again. It's really hard to find good vintage pieces with hoods, so of course it would be my luck that this thing disintegrates a little bit every time I wear it. And actually these pants split shortly after these were taken. Must be my acid flesh.

And to clarify a few things in response to some recent comments:

I'm not going to put on an act for this blog or dress any other way than what comes naturally. Reinvention is one of the more awkward things you can force and I have no interest in exploring the exact level of awkward it would be. People take a measurement of my effortlessness with every post, say my body's changed or my hair fills them with rage, that I've lost my whimsy, that I'm no longer able to channel 4 styles at once, and make countless other judgments but things change. People change. If any of these are applicable, then aren't they themselves a form of reinvention? I promise you if every look I posted was whimsical (this word is starting to lose all meaning to me the more I ponder it) the exact same vein of 'complaints' would be voiced with a new word to fill in the blank with. I've been getting diatribes about over-wearing black tights and denim shorts since the inception of Fashiontoast so you'll pardon me if I've learned to shrug them off. This doesn't mean that I hate you or don't read your comments or am trying to insult you by wearing certain items repeatedly. I'm a normal person with a normal penchant for reaching for similar things over and over again and hey sometimes I even go to CVS in sweatpants. They say San Clemente Gun Club on them. More and more I catch myself feeling as if I shouldn't post this or that because I already wore it in a vaguely similar way and I just don't want to even begin to feel that way about a diary that I began simply to share my point of view. I have never claimed to be revolutionary or even noteworthy, which is why I am still so shocked to have such supportive and passionate readers. So thank you a million times over again and I'm sincerely, sincerely honored that you care so much. I'm just going to keep being me..


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