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(Stolen Girlfriends Club lace bodysuit, Topshop patched jeans)

Weekend lounging in some new favorites..

Friday I had the unbelievable opportunity to model as well as style a spring style guide with Revolve. With previous issues having been styled by industry giants such as Rachel Zoe and Eric Daman from Gossip Girl, I was more than a little nervous but that faded into excitement when I arrived at their studio in downtown LA and got to pore over and pick from racks and racks of amazing pieces. Some favorites included the zipper back boot by Minimarket, a pair of Wayne culotte shorts, a Complex Geometries tunic, a Larsen Gray gray jersey cutout dress, a unicorn print crop top, and some brightly printed dresses perfect for the warmer weather. I posted some behind the scenes photos complete with teased out-to-there hair on Twitpic if you want to check them out. Thank you so much to the fun and talented team at Revolve!

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