horns on your shoulders

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(Brian Lichtenberg tshirt and triangle necklace, Luxeshop talon necklace, American Apparel skirt)

Photographer: Julia Soler
Stylist & fashion editor: √Āngela Esteban Librero

A couple weeks ago Angela and Julia from METAL magazine came down to SD to shoot me for the June issue..the weather was disgustingly gray so we ended up taking it indoors to our humble abode. As you can see, Kumo and Bijou were champs throughout. Between everyone laughing at our on-crack cat's antics, a spontaneous McDonald's run, and blasting every obnoxious song we could, we had a ton of fun. They brought a rack full of crazy amazing pieces - I particularly fell in love with the Brian Lichtenberg mesh dresses and even got to pet the glorious hair shoes. WOW. I offered up some of my own pieces for Angela to work in and she kind of created an awesomely amped up take on my style. I'll post the rest when the issue comes out.

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